rhasydha is a licensed Physiotherapist. She studied at The University of Applied Science in Amsterdam.


Over the last years, she has been working in Rehabilitation centers and private practices in the Netherlands and Germany, specializing in Neurological problems and Orthopedic injuries. For the last year, she also has been working as a Spa-manager and massage therapist in the North of Corfu.

Combining the knowledge of physical therapy, energy healing (Reiki), and relaxing massage techniques are giving her a unique approach to the treatment.
The massages and therapies help lower stress levels, increase blood circulation, improve sleep quality, and help with pain relief improving mobility and strength of muscles, joints, and connective tissue.

As a former professional dancer, she treats the body from a holistic point of view and as a whole system, helping the clients feel better mentally and physically.

With the aim of making moving and exercise easier, less painful, and most important, FUN again.


- Professional Dancer and Dance Teacher
- Personal Trainer
- Make-up Artist

- Physio Therapist
- Massage Therapist
- Languages: fluently Dutch, English, German and basic Greek